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July 26th is not only Helen Mirren’s, Keving Spacey’s, Kate Beckinsale’s and Sandra Bullock’s birthday, it’s the date symbolizing it’s time for the annual Q&A on my blog. It’s been exactly a year since last time, so please go ahead and ask me anything.

You can either use the comments section on this post, or the contact form in the menu above. Whatever floats your boat.

You already know that I dislike mainstream blog trends — which is why this only happens once a year — but you know, sometimes I feel like living up to my name as a so-called blogger.

So don’t be afriad to ask. The bar is low.

If you stumbled upon this “marvelous” site of mine just recently, you can read my answers from last year by clicking on the links below:

Q&A Part 1
Q&A Part 2
Q&A Part 3

If you’ve been with me for another full year; HIGH FIVE to you! You’re awesome.


4 thoughts on “Ask me anything”

  1. I’m confused, did you study media or film? How did you fund over the bridge? Did you rent the eqiuipment for the shoot? Are you working on any new projects now?

  2. 1. What’s the most dangerous thing you ever did?
    2. Biggest pet peeve?
    3. Where would you want to live?
    4. Your biggest mice?
    5. Is your tattoo real?
    6. What do you like the most and least about blogging?
    7. Celebrity crush?
    8. Who could you marry in a heart beat?
    9. How many kids do you want? If you want kids at all.
    10. How tall are you?

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