Bridging the Gap

Good afternoon!

I’m just stopping by for a quick hello before I head to work. I’m working a 60-hour week, but I missed running my own little “publication” here, so figured I had to make time for a new post.

Anyway, in my previous post I told you that my fellow filmmaker and dear friend, Sarah Kocher, was on her way to Norway!

Any new readers may not have noticed that Sarah’s name has appeared on this blog quite frequently through these past two years: Sarah and I studied journalism at Augustana, and produced the documentary “Over the Bridge” together in 2016.

She made it safely to Haugesund, and I must say that I’ve never seen anyone as enthusiastic about EVERYTHING as her, haha. Apparently, Norway has a lot more to offer than I notice in my everyday-life, and I really quite enjoyed seeing my hometown through a pair of foreign eyes for a few days.

The weather wasn’t half-bad either, so we made sure to explore the outdoorsy places I never even think about when I’m here.

I’ll keep this brief, but we did, among other things, find time to do our signature pose:

You know, the one we do everywhere, even on red (or in this case, black) carpets. Such classy ladies.

At the Sioux Empire Film Festival April Match 2016. Photo: Rachel Johnston.

– Not sure which of these pictures summarize our friendship best though …

Our complete lack of normal tourist-pictures should testify that we had a wonderful time, because we did! #Blessed

It’s funny that after I wrote the post “With a foot on each continent” I have found that the gap I was talking about, has been bridged little by little. And the distance between “my two lives” doesn’t feel as huge anymore.

Since I already talked a lot about bridges, this may feel like a metaphoric overload, but did you know that the copper they used to build the Statue of Liberty in New York was imported from Karmøy? (An island right outside Haugesund)

So here I am, with less than five weeks left until I move to new York City, taking a picture of Miss Liberty’s Norwegian sister, herself — in Norway!

‘Tis a small world, indeed.

And from one topic to another, I want to thank you again, for your continous response on my post, Bite the Dust. I never would have predicted it would be received the way it did – and it made its way around despite the fact that the “sharing button” didn’t even work! Wow. Thank you.

Have a blessed afternoon!


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