Not how I wanted to start my week

I don’t really have the energy to write this post, but I’m so bored that I’ll do it anyway. Besides, it helps distract me from the piece of bread I’m trying to eat with my complete lack of appetite.

So, if you’ve been following me on social media, you probably stumbled across this “gorgeous” picture on Sunday:

Well, it’s been a bizarre couple of days.

On Friday I noticed some weird back pain that I automatically blamed on the hard workout I had done earlier that morning. I was so busy I didn’t even notice that my appetite was unusually low or that the pain was clearly different from the feeling of sore muscles.

And on Saturday I felt exhausted, but I had, after all, had an extremely busy week with homework, workouts, meetings and film events (I’ll tell you more about the latter next time) so nothing strange about that. My back was still bad, but hey, after having spent almost a decade as a competitive athlete, some back pain is nothing to whine about.

I then went to the movies and had some ice cream that I was unable to enjoy because it made me nauseous, but I thought it was just stale.

Then on Sunday it dawned upon me that maybe all these things were related. I felt absolutely horrible in the morning, and after church two of my friends said I “seemed a little off.” Meanwhile, I kept wondering why my room was so frickin’ cold. I bundled up in layers, laid down in bed and suddenly woke up three hours later. I never ever nap, and a whopping three hours is not like me. I kept shaking because of the cold, and was seriously considering calling maintenance to ask if they were trying to give us frost bite by keeping the dorms so cold. Haha, just kidding, I knew I had a fever at that point.

When it didn’t get better and my stomach had decided to join my back’s rebellion, I called the doctor to ask what to do. So, before I knew it I was in the ER and got diagnosed with a kidney infection.

“Ah, that’s not so bad,” I thought to myself.

Then I googled it:
“A kidney infection requires prompt medical attention. If not treated properly, a kidney infection can permanently damage your kidneys or the bacteria can spread to your bloodstream and cause a life-threatening infection. Kidney infection treatment usually includes antibiotics and often requires hospitalisation.” –

Okay then.

Last night the pain got so bad I literally thought I’d pass out, so I was put on IV painkillers and even had to get a CAT scan.

According to my friend Jennifer, this type of pain is “one of the worst ever… ranks right up there with having a baby.” She’s had a kidney infection herself, and is expecting her second child this month, so I think she would know.

I have no idea how I caught this crap. Apparently it can be caused by an untreated UTI, but I haven’t noticed any such thing, so only God knows how it found its way to my kidneys. But I was discharged from the hospital this morning, and have medical leave from school until next week. I feel almost guilty for not going to class, but I think some relaxing will do me good. I’ve even promised my professors to rest … writing this post may be pushing it, but please forgive me.

I want to give a huge thanks to my friends for their incredible support and encouraging words. Love you.

Also, I finished eating that piece of bread I was talking about in the intro. I feel very accomplished, and nauseous. But oh well.


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