In my last post I mentioned the “reptile photoshoot” we did on Saturday, and since I like to keep promises, I’ll share some of the photos with you right now! Okay, we didn’t intend on having any non-humans in the shoot, but when I heard there was a guy with a snake in the park, I forced the whole group to go look at it. The enthusiasm within “the Fam” was rather divided though: I thought it was the coolest thing — which after reading my post “Not Perfect” should come as no surprise — I like strange things. But some of the people in our group did not share that same excitement and were sickened by the whole thing. Sorry for putting you through this, guys! I thought it was AWESOME.

Photo: Sara Telahun.

Thankfully Carina and Sara embraced the challenge with me.

Since we’re living the last month of our time together at Augie, we figured a goofy group photo by Sioux Falls’ only scenic location was appropriate.

We did have time for some serious photography too, but I’ll post more of those later. In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks.

Alejandro Garcia and Hannah Vaca. Photo: Maria Lavelle.

Behind the scenes:

With Anna Myrmoe. Photo: Sara Telahun.


Carina Hofmeister. Photo: Maria Lavelle.


Anna Myrmoe. Photo: Maria Lavelle.


Now I’ll get back to my math homework, so talk to ya later.


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