Exams and Acting

I’m about to head to my last class of the week, and I’m desperately trying to distract myself from thinking about the exam in “Ethics & Law of the Press” that I’ll have in less than 30 minutes. Oh dear, over the past few weeks I’ve truly felt like a Law School student… Goodness, there are so many weird laws in the US!

Knowing that I’ve done everything I could should give my optimism a boost… Or wait, I could have spent the next 30 minutes studying instead of writing this post, but oh well.

Anyway, this week is homecoming week here at Augie, something I haven’t had the chance to enjoy much yet.. because of all my exams, papers, assignments, interviews, meetings and of course film work <3 But there will be tons of stuff happening on campus all weekend, so I’m not complaining at all.

Today I started the day in the pool at 6:30 AM, then I went to acting class, which was a blast as always. I never thought I’d ever write that, but my acting classes are awesome! It doesn’t even feel like “class,” it’s just fun. Quite honestly, I don’t understand why I didn’t think of doing it earlier. Okay, that’s not entirely true… I did track for ten years, so my schedule didn’t allow for any extracurriculars, but my point is that I’m very glad I decided to add a Theatre minor to my journalism major 🙂

What a glittering assemblage, haha


Wups, time’s up! I better run to the Humanities Building and get this exam over with. Wish me luck!

Bless y’all,
Maria Lavelle

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