Acting and Laundry

What’s up folks?

I’m actually about to tuck in for the night, but figured I’d have time for a quick post first.

Since last time we spoke, I’ve done huge loads of homework, gone to classes and…oh wait, I suppose that’s not quite what you were hoping to read about? The truth is, that most of my time is spent on doing just that: homework and attending lectures. Which I don’t mind, because this year, I don’t have any science courses! I think I mentioned it sometime last semester, that I’m absolutely not a fan of anything that has to do with science.

This year it’s all journalism, English and now — acting as well. I had my first acting class on Friday, and as with most things at Augustana, there’s no starting slow. On Monday already, I’ll perform my first monologue in front of the whole class, wish me luck! I also had to catch up with the rest of the class (since I decided I’d minor in theater a week late) So I read through one of our books from beginning to end today. It’s really interesting, and I can already state that acting is clearly underrated — there’s so much more to it than you think.

I also spent a good few hours translating and adding subtitles to the Norwegian documentary I made this summer. I have a hectic schedule, but it’ll be done by mid-October. (I apologize to the people who’s been waiting)

Anyway, after dinner we went to do some shopping, and then I did my laundry with Karen. We both kinda hate it, but since we watched “Friends” while waiting for the washing machine to be done, it was pretty okay.

Not the most amusing Saturday night, but we sure had fun!


This “beautiful” alien wishes y’all a good night <3
Maria Lavelle

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