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Right now I’m just chiling in my room before I’ll head to the pool for a late night swim. 8:30 PM is not really that late, but compared to my usual 6:30 AM, it’s definitely not early!

Today I’ve been running back and forth between classes and meetings all day. I might not have mentioned it, but I have a job this year! My very fancy title is “Section Editor of the Arts” in the yearbook. So far, I know absolutely nothing about layouts or spread designs, but I’m surrounded by a bunch of talented people, so I’m sure it’ll be okay.

I also added a minor to my major today. So from now on, I’m officially majoring in Journalism and minoring in Theatre. Pretty awesome ha? Some of you might shake your head and ask” WHY theater???” Well, the reason is very simple. I want to be a movie director, but since I don’t go to film school, I’m using a different approach towards my dreams. The Augustana Theatre department offers directing classes, which of course is very useful, but I will also take a number of acting classes. I believe that in order to be a good director, you need to be able to see things from an actor’s perspective. So I’ll have my first class on this coming Friday.


As with everything, I’ll put it in the hands of God, and see where His path goes from here.

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