Augustana Twilight 2015

As I wrote earlier, I was asked to make a film about the Augustana Twilight cross-country meet this past weekend. After a couple of intense days with editing, it’s now finally done. Wohoo!

Making this film was a whole different experience compared to everything else I’ve done in the past. This time I tried to capture the atmosphere of the event, rather than telling a story with an important message — which made the project feel like a vacation compared to the documentary I made in July/August. I guess this one is a little more on the artsy side, but y’all know I love everything artsy soo…

To actually “direct” was also a new thing for me. So far, I’ve gone solo with all of my videos — which definitely has its up and downsides. It’s great because I always know what every single shot looks like, and I can shoot exactly what I pictured in my mind – without having to worry about anyone else messing it up for me. On the other hand, it really sucks to do everything alone, because I can’t be several places at once. This time, I had three photographers with me, and they all did great, so it was pretty wonderful.

I did, however, struggle quite a bit while I was out shooting on Friday. It was so dark! Beforehand, I had fine-tuned all my camera settings so that I could show up being perfectly prepared for the lack of light. But the footage still ended up looking a little grainy here and there, but oh well.

Did I mention that cross-country running quickly turns into a workout — even for the director/photographer?  Despite of the fortune of having three other people in the crew, I still ended up running around from one place to another.. for three hours! (Something my injured foot is really unhappy about today, but it was worth it)


Anyway, the meet was a huge success, and the weather was great as well.

Or at least I thought it was great. 30 degrees celsius and 85% humidity. People think I’m weird for liking super hot and humid weather. The only time humidity bothers me, is when I try to dry my laundry – and it stays wet for two days. But for filmmaking, it worked pretty fine.

Well, I should go to bed soon. I have a ton of meetings and classes tomorrow, so G’night folks!

Bless ya,

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