First week

First I’d like to thank you for the thoughtful e-mails, messages and comments I received after I announced my “retirement” from track <3

I’ve now been back on campus for a little over a week, and have finally gotten all of my stuff moved into my new room. Yaayy!

The first couple of days were a little on the stressful side, because the battery of my dear Charlie (aka my car) went dead — which I suspect, is a consequence of the flood Sioux Falls suffered two weeks ago. But after what I’d call a tremendous effort, I finally had it fixed, and Charlie-dear is healthy again.


Then the following days, I picked up a number of my friends from the airport, helped them move their stuff, and then drove around to do grocery shopping with them. Had I taken charge for my kindness, I would walk around as a rich girl right now, just saying! I did however, get paid in scratches and bruises on my arms and thighs – from lifting boxes and fridges up and down everywhere.

When I picked up my third group of people at the airport, I noticed an elderly lady dressed in African attire by the entrance. She was desperately trying to move a large suitcase and a duffel bag over to the taxi area — while supporting herself on a cane. Of course I felt bad for her, and offered her some help. It was a rather heavy bag, and how she’d even managed to carry it as far as she did, before she dropped it, is beyond me! Anyway, I noticed a funny smell reeking out of the bag as I carried it, but I didn’t think much more about it. Later however, I’d learn that it probably was some kind of seafood, and that by the time I got back to the car, both my shirt and shorts were soaked in it. Fun!

Other than that, I’ve completed this semester’s first week of classes. They seem interesting so far, and I’m excited to learn more about the field of journalism.

The first week of the semester is always a little overwhelming, but this year I’ve tried to be a little ahead of time, by putting everything into my schedule right away. I still managed to get too late for two of my classes though… Not because I overslept or anything, but because I went to the wrong classroom. **That awkward moment when you’ve introduced yourself, participated in the mandatory “ice breaker exercise” and everything, for only to realize you’re not even supposed to be in that class… heh.** I guess I could’ve made it less “embarrassing” by sitting quietly on my desk and just waiting for the lecture to be done. But obviously, I had another class I had to get to!


Now I’m about to head out to my first “directing” job. There’s a big cross country meet in town, with more than 1500 runners and 6000 fans, and I was asked to be in charge of four photographers, and then put together a video about the event. In the past I’ve only mostly just been in charge of “myself” when working on a film project, so this will be a new experience — and I’m excited!

Bless y’all,

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