Reflection: Summer 2015

This summer has officially come to an end, and I can look back at three wonderful months. Nothing really turned out the way I had expected, but things worked out very well after all!

In April I sat down to think through every detail of my summer. According to my calendar I would practice twice a day, prepare for the National Track Championships that would be held in my hometown, and really just live the life of an athlete. I had even written down a weekly training schedule that would include a whole bunch of track meets all around the country.

Over the past year, I’d worked harder than ever, and was in a very good shape. I’d also sat new PBs in every jumping exercise, as well as in the weight room — so track-wise everything looked bright. I’d even shredded off most of my body fat, so that I could bounce off that runway as a leaner, faster and more powerful version of myself.



Having been forced to sit out on my entire college season, I was convinced that “This is going to be my year at the track!” “Of course all that hard work will pay off and result in a medal at Nationals. Common sense !!”



Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve been able to summarize my summers with this sentence: “Train, compete, eat, sleep, repeat.” That always meant I had to forget about everything that had to do with the word “vacation.”

This year however, due to a stress fracture in my ankle, my plans of training and competing as a track athlete went completely down the drain. And believe it or not — I’m very grateful for it.


With more time on my hands, I had the opportunity to pursue one of my other passions — filmmaking! Through seven weeks I worked intensively on a three-part documentary film, about the track athletes who actually did get to go to Nationals. So not only did I get to make my first real 41-minute documentary, but I also got to spend several weeks inside the track environment, surrounded by amazing people!


After I released the first episode of the film, I got contacted by TVH (TV station in Haugesund) because they wanted to run a story about me and the film. Which gave the film some publicity that would later come in handy.

As soon as I got done editing the remaining two episodes, Haugesunds Avis (Newspaper in Haugesund) bought the whole thing, and aired it on their TV channel several times a day, for almost a week.


Because of that, I was asked to step in as a “speaker” at the National Track Championship. I felt pretty fortunate to get the opportunity to work alongside NRK’s reporters (the biggest news station in Norway) and a bunch of other journalists.


The documentary has also been signed up for a film festival in Norway. But I don’t know the final “result” of that yet…

So, even if I didn’t get to compete at this year’s Nationals, I got so much more! I would honesty not have traded it for anything. In retrospect (I know the following sentence might sound weird,) I’m actually happy my ankle kept me from doing what I had planned.

I believe that God has a plan, and all I can do is to trust Him.



Bless y’all,
Maria Lavelle

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