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This past week has actually been filled to the brink with activities of all different kinds.

As I mentioned earlier, my dear friend Brittany came to visit me last week. I’m not known for being a great patriot, but with the rare fortune of having a real American over, I figured I should try to show her Norway from its best side. Which, by the way, was way easier than I expected. Because the weather has been absolutely wonderful this past week. In fact, I think it’s been the best week so far this year.

On Wednesday we went downtown for sightseeing and ice cream.


As some of you might remember, I went rib boating a few weeks ago. And I actually liked it so much that I wanted Brittany to have the same experience. However, the tour I went on, can’t be compared to this one at all! Last time, the boat was full and there was no wind = a rather comfy ride with relatively low levels of adrenalin. But this time around, Brittany and I were the only two passengers, and it seemed like the “captain” made it his mission to scare us sh*tless. He was driving crazy fast on the 10ft (3m) waves, and at one point I was convinced we’d fall out, or at least break something.

The thing with rib boating is that you don’t have anything holding you down, except you own hands. And you can’t really sit down on the “saddle,” because the waves will either beat the air out of your lungs, or hurt you badly. Instead you have to stand in a squat position, and use your legs to cushion — which is fine for a while, but after an hour, your quads will be shaking from exhaustion.

Anyway, as an adrenalin junkie, I had a lot of fun! But I felt kinda bad for Brittany. She grew up on the American prairie, and has never been out on the open sea. So this was definitely an extreme way to experience the Norwegian elements for the first time. Luckily, she’s a tough girl, and handled it perfectly well.


On Friday we planned on spending the day at “Åkrasanden,” which is a beautiful beach nearby.

Photo credit: Friluftsrådet Vest

But our plans quickly changed when the weather turned its back on us. We had dressed in appropriate beach outfits, and were ready to do some free-diving at my “secret” spot… but after 10 minutes we both got so cold we headed back home.

On Saturday we baked a peach pie, which didn’t turn out as good as we’d hoped for. But it wasn’t too bad, at least if you consider the fact that I was a part of the baking process.. Everything I bake tend to either look funny, taste weird or have an unusual texture. But I have other talents, so I’m not too sad about it.


On Sunday, we drove to Bergen to visit the third part of our trio, Karen! After three months apart, we could finally celebrate our reunion !!


We spent all day at Karens family’s  mansion, and then went swimming in their private marina. After a while, we needed some action, and decided to jump from the roof of their boathouse. My two “slimy” friends did, of course, make me jump first – just to see if it was safe. Right after I jumped, Karen’s first response was: “Did you hit the bottom?!” When I replied “No no,” she and Brittany jumped as well, haha. Too cute <3

See video below!

Monday was our last day together, before school starts next week, so we made sure we got the most of it.

We spent all day in the city of Bergen, before we visited the Aquarium.
The highlight of the day was undoubtely when we got to hang out with these celebs —

With only two days left of the summer vaycay, I’m starting to feel ready for a new semester at Augustana College University. From September 1st, Augustana will no longer bear the name “College,” but “University” instead – which makes me very very happy 🙂

Well, I should go to bed now. So talk to y’all later.

– Maria Lavelle

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  1. I just love this! Your very talented with your story telling, I’m so glad Brittany has such good friends to spend her summer with, looking forward to seeing you all during the school year, see ha soon Paula 🙂

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