Tuesday, and a movie review of “My Skinny Sister”

The trip to Bergen was a huge success, and I’ve now been back in Haugesund for a couple of days.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the fact that the annual “Norwegian International Film Festival” is being held here in town. Haugesund is kind of Norway’s version of Hollywood, for the one reason that the Norwegian “Oscars” happens here every year. Haha, it feels weird writing that, because the people of this city doesn’t seem to care a whole lot about it. Anyway, for a movie-nerd like myself, it’s pretty cool.

What I love about Film Festivals is that you can watch as many movies as you want, ALL day! Well, I didn’t really utilize that option this year, because I’ve had other things to take care of. But I did at least spend a few hours in the theater yesterday, and got to watch two movies before lunch. Sweet sweeeet.

The first one “My Skinny Sister” (Swedish title “Min Lilla Syster”) impressed me. This is Swedish director Sanna Lenken’s debut. The movie is about two sisters. Katja, the oldest, is a beautiful, popular, thin, confident and promising figure skater who is striving for perfection in the ice rink. And her younger sister, Stella, who is everything Katja isn’t. She was not exactly born with skates on her feet, and despite her efforts, she remains a faded shadow of her sister. When Stella discovers that her older sister is struggling with an eating disorder, Katja forces her to keep it from their parents by blackmailing her – which gets serious consequences.

The movie is shot in a very up-close, handheld, shaky, cloudy way, that makes us see everything from Stella’s perspective. It works really well, and it allows us to see her thoughts, even though she doesn’t say much. Absolutely beautiful! I also loved how the director was able to create the “weird” bond sisters tend to have, on-screen. I could really identify myself in parts of the connection between the two sisters! Very few have been able to do that in such a realistic way before.

The story itself is pretty dark, powerful, and at times, uncomfortable to watch. But it’s the reality for many living with an eating disorder, and I think this movie sends an important message. So instead of me spoiling the whole film here, I think that if you ever get the chance, you should just watch it.

I should get some sleep, because tomorrow’s a big day! My lovely American friend Brittany finally gets here, and I’m excited !!

Good night folks, bless you all.

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