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I love makeup, but I rarely feel like taking the time to actually put it on. It’s so much work, so easy to mess up, and a real pain in the as* to wash off afterwards.

As a true tomboy, I didn’t show any interest in makeup until after high school. Mostly because my schedule at the time, didn’t allow me to spend any more time in front of the mirror than necessary. But also because as an athlete, you can “get away with” looking like you just came from the gym — even on your day off.

From age 14 to 20, I worked out twice a day, six days a week… So in order to look “fresh” at all times, I’d have to put my makeup on three times a day. If you add full-time studies and 150 days of traveling each year, on top of all that, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand that makeup was not important enough to become a priority.

But now, a couple of years later, I actually enjoy embracing my inner girly girl every once in a while. It’s really quite refreshing to leave my “Groutfits” at home in exchange for a more sophisticated look – with makeup.

I do however, realize that there’s a certain power in makeup. When I posted the picture below on Facebook yesterday, the immediate response made me see that many can identify with the constant struggle of exterior beauty.

Even if I occasionally enjoy wearing makeup, it has its downsides. By the end of the day, I’ve usually forgotten that rubbing my eyes, scratching my face or pulling my sweater over my head, is bad news for my “makeup-mask” – so I don’t feel any different just because I happen to have my face covered in powder. But I often find that people treat me different, and that really provokes me!

I’m the same person! Just because I didn’t spend two hours in the bathroom that morning, doesn’t change the values, skills, opinions and emotions that I carry on the inside. And even if I did put makeup on that day, I do not think any less of you as a person, because you skipped the mascara that day.

In fact, if I see a woman who doesn’t wear makeup, I see a woman who radiates confidence and true beauty. She doesn’t let anyone’s opinions tell her how she should live her life.

So before we assume that “she doesn’t take very good care of herself,” or that “she’s lazy,” we should consider the fact that maybe she had something more important to take care of that morning?

I belive it’s time we stop nourishing the superficial mindset that seems to be stuck in people’s heads. How about we start giving people more compliments for who they are? We can all get better at promoting each other’s skills, talents, actions and personalities.

If I ever have a daughter myself, I hope I’ll be able to make her understand that true beauty comes from within. And that an absolutely stunning inside will get her a lot farther than a pretty face, big boobs and pointy hip bones will.

I’m not saying that wearing makeup, dressing nice, and keeping a good hygiene is a “sin” though. I’m just expressing the frustration I feel over the expectation many women feel in today’s society. Many are afraid that if they don’t look a certain way, they’re going to end up as single spinsters all together.

If I meet my future husband during one of the six days a week where I don’t wear makeup, I’ll think of it as a relief. Because then I’ll know he loves me for who I am, and not because I’m a good makeup artist.

I would encourage you all to zip your makeup bag at least once a week. Break out of your comfort zone, and remember that you’re just as important, talented, skilled and beautiful with makeup as you’re without.

Bless you all,

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