It’s 1pm and I just woke up. I can’t remember last time I slept in this long, but it might have something to do with last night’s fun.

Yesterday I got to catch up with my “Portugirls.” I don’t expect you to understand what that means right away, but I’ll explain. When I was a young and promising track athlete here in town, we’d always go on training camps with the team. Most years we went to Portugal, and since these girls were my roomies, we founded “Portugirls.”

I’m the youngest in our group, which is why I didn’t know these cuties prior to the training camp, but I can promise you that after living together for two full weeks in the same sleepy Portuguese village, where all you do is “train, eat, sleep, repeat” – it’s impossible not to get to know each other inside out.

We still meet up every time we’re in the same town, and it never feels like we haven’t actually seen each other for moths.

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