Coaching and swimming caps

I can’t believe the summer is almost over already! I’ll leave for the US in three weeks, man time flies !!

The weather here in Norway has been pretty awful ever since I got back here in May. In fact its been the coldest summer since 1946… but personally, I haven’t been in need of much nicer weather this year anyway. I’ve spent the majority of my time working, and I always feel it’s harder to spend lot of time indoors when the sun is shining, so I’m not complaining.

This week I coached the group of track athletes again. It was a lot of fun, especially when all the triple jumpers jumped over 60cm (2ft) longer than the first time I coached them. Progressssss 🙂


Then yesterday I went swimming again. Since I’m unable to work out without having some kind of a goal ahead of me, I always time my laps to see if I swim faster each week. Yesterday I sat four new personal bests, so I left the pool feeling pretty satisfied. Over the past eight weeks, I’ve shaved 2.5 miutes off my 200m time… which probably says more about how terrible I was to begin with, rather than how great I am now.

Turns out I even had a spectator taking snapshots of me, haha!

BUT, I did actually think I was pretty awesome for a while, because one day, all the other swimmers in the pool had started yielding for me. Some of them would even stop completely, and cling on to the edge if I was coming their way. At first I thought it was because they’d hardly want to interrupt this “pro athlete in her training for the Olympics” lol! But after some thinking I have (unfortunately) come to the conclusion that it probably has nothing to do with my swimming skills, but rather my “appearance” in the water. Because I do, unlike most of them, wear a one-piece swimsuit and a swim cap. (As opposed to a bikini and a pony-tail) You won’t believe how much more professional you look as soon as you pull that tight rubber thing over your head.

I have my reasons for that particular outfit though! I used to wear a bikini, but since my panties ended up around my ankles most of the time, and my top would be covering everything but my boobs, I gave up. My hair also went from brown to blonde because of the chlorine, so a swim cap simply became a necessity ^_^

Well, I should go and get something to eat, so I’ll talk to ya later,

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