Stress fracture update

This past weekend, when I was working at the National Track Championship, I got a lot of questions from my former competitors, teammates, coaches and parents about why I wasn’t competing, and how I my ankle was holding up. So I realized I might as well just write a post about it.

As you might remember, I got a “stress reaction” in my ankle earlier this year, and missed out on the entire outdoor track season. I was told that I’d only have to be in the boot for two weeks, and that I could resume to full training within six weeks. Things went according to the plan, until I suddenly started to get the same “toothachy” feeling in my foot again in June…


I went to the doctor here in Norway when I got back for the summer, and explained everything the American doctors had told me, bla bla bla. So I finally managed to convince them that I’d need a new MRI scan to see if the fracture had healed at all. But I didn’t get an appointment until September 2nd – which is AFTER I’ve gone back to the US. Apparently there was no way I’d get another appointment before then.

But I suggested I should at least get back into a boot or use crutches to let the bone heal while waiting – because the pain was just as bad as it was in April. Then the doctor just looked at me as if she didn’t understand why I’d even suggest such a stupid thing BEFORE I got the MRI. She followed up by telling my to wrap my ankle up with tape in the mean time. I almost got embarrassed on her behalf. Since when does some tape heal a fractured bone? **The Norwegian health care system** Don’t even get me started…

In the US I got an MRI appointment in less than 24 hours after the physiotherapist called. Two days later I got the results, was put in a boot, and got an eight-week rehab plan handed to me.

Well, on the bright side, I’ve had lot more time to work towards my goals as a filmmaker. I’ve also spent so many hours in the pool that I’ve become a pretty decent swimmer 🙂

God has a plan, and all I can do is to trust it.

Be blessed,
Maria Lavelle

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