Burgers and boats


Right now I eating a hamburger while listening to my sister and her boyfriend playing the piano downstairs. Ahh, they’re so good! I’m almost in tears, because right now they’re playing the theme from my favorite movie ever – Forrest Gump. Since they’re using all four hands, it really sounds like a symphony orchestra. I’m amazed by how they can sit there and just play for hours. #RelationshipGoals

The past 6 weeks I’ve pretty much just worked – either at the store or on the documentary. Not much to write about. But today was actually quite adventurous!

I got invited to a “Press lunch” together with a bunch of journalists who are in town for the National Track Championships.

At 11:30 we went to the city hall, where we got a very thorough tour through the history and architecture of the building – held by the Mayor himself. I suddenly realized that I might have a hint of an interest for the symbolism in art/architecture, haha

Afterwards we all got suited up for the highlight of the day, rib-boating! So much fun! We went to two islands outside my hometown, Haugesund.

Such adrenalin junkies! Selfie Credit: Anne Marit Stange



Then we had lunch at Røvær, which is a small island with about 100 inhabitants.


The only way to get there is by boat, which has helped conserve the unique culture the place is known for. There’s only one car, a tiny grocery store, a small hotel, a school, a chapel and a fire station (without firetrucks, of course) on the entire island. It’s almost as if time stopped there sometime in the 50s. Fascinating!

The so-called “car”

Then we rib-boated back to Haugesund.


It went so fast the drag made my sunglasses dig their way into my face, and by the time we got back, my hair was tangled up like dreadlocks. But it was so worth it!

Later, I went to watch my dear friend Sindre (who was in my documentary) compete in the high jump. He got bronze in front of a home crowd. #Impressed !

Now I’ll head to bed and get some rest before tomorrows “speaker job.” I’ve been asked to do live interviews at nationals, in front of the entire crowd (the stadium seats about 3000 people..) and it’ll also be streamed online. Heh…

So good night fellas!

Bless ya,


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