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Last week I was asked to coach a group of young triple jumpers in the track club here in town, which by the way is one of the biggest clubs in Norway – with over 800 members.

So today I spent two hours instructing these colorful athletes!

I’ve tried to keep my mind off of triple jumping for the past few months. Because now that my own foot can’t handle any jumping whatsoever, I’d be kinda frustrating to walk around and think about it all day…

But I’m glad I was able to dig out some good advises and make a contribution of some sort. We had lots of fun! And hopefully they won’t be too sore tomorrow. Beforehand I was a little worried I’d make them do too much, and that I’d forget they’re just 14-15 years old, and not used to those kinds of movements – especially not after four weeks of vacation.

When one of the girls said: “I can’t feel my legs” towards the end of the session, I had to ask myself – “Waaaehh did I push them too far?” But after thinking through what we did, there’s no way we overdid it – we did a bare minimum of jumping/running. But quite a lot of low-impact movements such as drills, stretching and lunges. Afterall, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my decade as a track athlete myself – it’s that doing too much, too soon = injuries. And I do not wish that upon anyone, so I think I did just fine. I even enjoyed it quite a lot!

Now I’ll snuggle up in bed and listen to the thunderstorm outside.

Good night and bless y’all,Maria Lavelle

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