Minions and fog

I just got back from the local movie theater where I watched Minions. I’m not a huge fan of animated films, but I enjoy them every once in a while. Like “Up” and “Finding Nemo”  – because of the important message they send, and “Ice age” because it’s actually funny. But Minions, well.. it’s the typical “The good wins and the villain loses.” It wasn’t in particularly funny either. I laughed about five times, four of them was because of the lady who sat next to me, and her hysterical laughter. I guess the film just didn’t hit my sense of humor.

Anyway, I had to utilize the nice foggy weather, so I forced my friend Siri to model for me on our way back home. You can’t really see the fog in the photos, but I thought it added a nice misty atmosphere to them.


Aaand the photographer got to refresh her gymnastics skills


Bless ya,
Maria Lavelle

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