Lesson learned

Yesterday was the last day of shooting for the dcumentary, yay!

And now I’m done editing one third of it as well, which surprisingly enough only took me 25 hours. Had it not been for my overworked MacBook Air (Which is pretty unfit for editing HD video files) I would’ve been done in half the time. But I’ll have to make the best out of the equipment I’ve got at this point so…

Anyway, on Friday I got a text that made me think I’d have to it all over again, because one of my sources suddenly decided she didn’t want her interview to be in the film at all. So I’d have to cut out her part, schedule a new interview with a new source, do the interview, edit the new part and then re-arrange the whole thing – in less than a day. Not cool.

Luckily, I managed to convinced her to let me use it. But from now on, I’ll make every single source sign a form where they commit to being a part of the project that gives me the rights to use the footage – regardless of whether or not they change their mind later. It doesn’t matter if they’re my friends, family or complete strangers – everybody will have to sign.

However, I completely understand the discomfort of talking in front of a camera – it’s not for everybody! But with the new forms, at least I’ll give my sources the chance to back out before we shoot = much easier for both of us.

Lesson learned!

Even it’s frustrating at times, these are valuable experiences that’ll help me become a better journalist and filmmaker in the future.

G’night folks, bless ya!
– Maria Lavelle

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