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Before the summer started I had this idea that with the freedom of having no classes to attend to, no homework and no commitments, I’d have time to become a great blogger.  Well.. I’m trying. But honestly, I don’t have more hours during the day than I need.

On Tuesday I spent all day working as a real freelance journalist. The National high jump Champion, Sindre Gelius Eikje received an award for his performances on the track. And since I’m making a documentary about him, I got to join the rest of the “press” into the City Hall. I had no idea what I was doing, but it went pretty great!

If you’re really talented, you might be able to spot me ^_^


Screenshot from the documentary. Sindre Gelius Eikje, and Mayor Petter Steen Jr.



Then on Wednesday I had my first shift back at the grocery store.


Today I’ve done one interview, contacted some more sources for the documentary, and then I went swimming for a good hour. Since my foot doesn’t allow me to do much weight bearing exercise, I spend quite a bit of time in the pool. I’ve never been much of a swimmer, but I’m eagerly trying to learn the freestyle/crawl technique. It’s getting better, but I still struggle with breathing at the right places… Today it felt like I made it a habit to inhale UNDER the water. Bahh, at least I didn’t swallow half the pool, like I did on Monday #progress


God bless,
Maria Lavelle


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