Home sweet home

Yahoo, I’m officially writing my first blog post on Norwegian ground. Last week was really stressful with another two final exams, packing and then the whole move-out-and-clean-the-dorm-room-process.

While packing… It’s amazing how much crap I’ve been able to collect in just one year. My new room is identical, so I SHOULD be able to fit everything in next semester.
Brittany and Karen were absolutely indispensable when moving my stuff out from my old room.

Irene can fit in anywhere, even in the back seat of my overfilled car.

The trip from Sioux Falls to Haugesund went great, and I was able to keep myself entertained throughout all the 18 hours of traveling – mostly thanks to Delta Airline’s amazing selection of movies.

Words cannot describe how great it felt to hug my parents at the airport! For those of you that don’t know it, I’m very close with my family, so living that far away from them has been a challenge, but since they are extremely supportive of my whole “American Adventure” I haven’t really been homesick for a single minute abroad. Like my mom always says: “Nothing makes us happier than to know that you’re happy where you are, and with what you do.”

Now that I’ve spent nine months at the opposite side of the Atlantic, I’m able to see the differences between the two countries even clearer. What I once thought was weird about America has become normal to me now, and everything that was familiar in Norway suddenly seems really odd.

Like when I landed at the airport in Norway, a man accidentally ran his suitcase over my foot. I automatically said “I’m sorry!” as if it was my fault that he was unable to handle his luggage. He just looked at me and said “Oh..” and then he kept on walking. Argh, these rude Europeans !! Heard about manners? Haha, that would never have happened in America. But I guess that bluntness can be pretty charming.. once I get used to it again.
I know I used to be like that too, so maybe I shouldn’t speak out too loud about it.

The past two days I’ve slept a total of 25 hours, watched four movies, worked out twice and made an American style breakfast once.

God Bless,
Maria Lavelle




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