Two down, two to go

I’ve just completed two of my final exams for this semester, and with only two more to go I’m about to get ready for the summer !!

In hectic times like these I really appreciate the hours I get to spend in the gym every day. Lifting heavy, feeling the sweat dripping from my forehead, and the blood flushing through the veins of my quads is very soothing to me (!) The stress from school and homework suddenly feels very far away, and I can focus all my attention towards just lifting. Yeah, it might sound weird to some, but it’s truly relaxing in its own way.

Now that the season is over and we don’t have practices with the team, I promised my coach to post some training updates on the blog every now and then.

So this is for you Coach Binstock:

To those of you who are not into this type of training, the video above might seem a little repetitive, but it kind of resembles the ongoing repetitiveness an athlete deals with on a daily basis. There’s no glitter and glam either, so if you still choose to watch it…. at least I warned you – afterwards.

On Tuesday we went to the Zoo in biology. I would’ve smiled even more had it not been for the three page lab report we had to write afterwards.


Then on Wednesday I went to the annual “End-of-the-season-track-banquet” with the team.

To celebrate that Friday was the last day of classes for this semester, we went to an Indian restaurant and then to Coldstone’s for ice cream.. again. As I mentioned, my doctor advised me to start eating more calories, diary and fat, so why not pick the biggest size? It was delicious.

Now I just got done studying for tomorrow’s biology exam, wish me luck…

Maria Lavelle

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