Love is in the air

If you, after reading the title, think that there’s love in the air surrounding ME, then you better think again. Wups, this is supposed to be a highly professional post, so enough about my (non-existent) love life.

Anyway.. What I was trying to say was that I learn something new every time I turn on my camera, and yesterday was no different. I did a “couple photoshoot” of my dear friend Brittany and her boyfriend Harald.

This type of photography requires a bit more planning and preparation compared to the “Run & Gun” photography I usually do. But I truly loved every part of it – everything from putting the makeup on, to finding locations and actually shooting the pictures.

With two people in the same photo, it suddenly gets twice as easy to mess it up. But these two beautiful people behaved absolutely exemplary in front of the camera.
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Maria Lavelle

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