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Whoah, yet another week has passed by and I can’t believe it!

With less than two weeks left of the semester, I’m starting to feel very ready for a the summer vacation to begin. I don’t think I’ve looked this much forward to the summer.. ever! I’m suspecting it has something to do with the amount of work I’ve put in this year – as opposed to earlier years when I had no idea what hard work was. Actually, I went all the way through High School without even bringing my books back home with me.. which means I didn’t really do any homework at all. Last semester however, which was my first in College, I quickly realized that things doesn’t work that way “over here.” If you want to get good grades, you do actually have to work for it.

To say that this past week was busy, would’ve been an understatement. In addition to attending lectures, working out twice a day, (and sleeping my precious nine hours a night), I’ve done about eight hours of homework daily. I’m well aware that many students do this as an everyday/all-year-around routine.. But for me, it’s sensational enough to write about on the blog, heh…

Well, what I was trying to say here, was that the homework is my excuse for why I haven’t updated the blog in a while. But enough talk about that.

Since last time, I have among other things, began working my way back into jumping.

Yesterday we went out to eat at a Brazilian restaurant, and finished the meal off with (Theee BEST ice cream ever in the whole wide world of mankind)  – Cold Stone’s.
After all that food had started its journey through our digestive systems, we went to Brittany’s to play Nintendo 64 (The one from 1997) – Brought back so many childhood memories!

Bless y’all,


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